How it Works

iDebit lets you securely pay merchants with funds directly from the bank you know and trust.
Want to iDebit but don’t have an account?

Sign up now or check out as a guest and create an account at the end of your first payment ‑ no approval process, no problem.

How it Works for Consumers


Why choose us? The benefits begin as soon as you click iDebit at checkout.
  • iDebit directly from my bank

    iDebit directly from my bank

    With iDebit, banking credentials stay securely between you and your trusted bank-they are never stored or shared with the merchant. Check our FAQs to see if your bank is included.

  • iDebit without a credit card

    iDebit without a credit card

    iDebit enables you to pay for purchases directly from your online bank account, no credit card needed.

  • iDebit in seconds

    iDebit in seconds

    iDebit features a simple payment process – no pre-registration or complicated signup to deal with. Check out as a guest or sign up quickly during your first transaction and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • iDebit without paying high fees

    iDebit without paying high fees

    With iDebit, there are no hidden fees. Our transaction fees are low and you can transfer funds between merchants for FREE.

  • iDebit and go!

    iDebit and go!

    iDebit payments are completed in real time and the merchant receives instant payment confirmation. Sign into your account any time to view your complete transaction history and balance.


Security is iDebit’s top priority and we take every precaution to make sure you can spend worry‑free.
What you can be assured of when using iDebit:
  • Your payment is completed within your trusted online banking environment, leveraging existing online banking technology and security measures to keep your funds safe and your data private.

  • Your banking credentials stay securely between you and the bank you know and trust; they are never stored or shared with merchants.
  • As a transaction security feature, we perform risk assessments on the information you provide in order to confirm your identity and protect you and your payment.
  • Bank authentication ensures it's actually YOU accessing your online banking, which includes requiring full bank login credentials and correct completion of the bank's security question.
  • Transactions are monitored and verified by leading security certification firms.
  • Personal information is transmitted securely using 128-bit encryption technology, protecting you and your sensitive data from fraud.
  • Our servers are hosted in a restricted access, state-of-the-art data center protected with biometric palm scanners and 24/7 security guards.